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YOUTH WRESTLERS (2nd - 8th grade)

This program was created to build a strong foundation in youth wrestlers, which will allow them to have success and enjoy wrestling for many years to come.  We do this in four different training cycles.  Each cycle plays an important roll in developing our athletes and getting them to perform at top levels.

The Fall Cycle is our pre-folkstyle season and will lay the groundwork for the start of a successful wrestling season. The preparation will include structured drilling and building on fundamental skills through advanced technique in a high intensity environment.

In the Winter Cycle our objective is to prepare wrestlers for local, state, and national tournaments. The sessions will focus on learning advanced technique, trouble-shooting problem areas and correcting those areas through drilling, along with hard wrestling and conditioning.

During the Spring Cycle our training sessions are devoted to Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling. The sessions will focus on techniques and strategies to prepare students for state and national competition.

The Summer Cycle offers students a chance to "out work" their competition.  While most wrestlers will be taking a break during this time of year, students in this cycle will be training to increase their strength, speed, and power while also learning new techniques and gaining more mat experience. The training will consist of a light strength and conditioning session, along with large amounts of drilling and live wrestling.


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