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Why should I train at 3F?
Our program has been established as the top program in the area for developing wrestlers at all levels.  We are able to use our vast experience to shape our wrestlers and guide their careers to follow the path of the top wrestlers who have gone before them in our program, making each individual student at 3F Wrestling the best wrestler they can possibly be.
I just started wrestling is there a class for me?
Yes, we are a full time training facility devoted to helping wrestlers improve in the sport, whether this is your first year or you are already a national champion.  Our systematic approach to wrestling develops wrestlers at all levels.  
Do I have to wrestle exclusively at 3F to attend?
No, we offer year round training opportunities for wrestlers at all levels.  Our training is complementary to the training that a wrestler will receive at a local youth or high school program.   
When is the best time to start?
The best time for students to join is at the beginning of one of our training cycles.   Our training cycles start in the fall, winter, spring and summer.  If you have some wrestling experience anytime is a good time. 
Do you offer a trial class?
Yes, we offer a one time no risk trial class.  We do require our registration paper work to be filled out. 
Do you have contracts?
We offer our classes on a month-to-month schedule. 
Do you allow parents to view classes?
Yes, view space for parents is very limited but we do allow them in the practice room.  We do how ever ask that parents refrain from interacting with their kids during the class as is it can cause a distraction. 

How do I cancel my class?
Just contact us by email at least 7 days before your auto draft is removed, to avoid the next months charge.
What should I wear?
Students should wear comfortable athletic clothing without zippers or buttons, plus wrestling shoes.  We do not allow outside shoes on our mats. 


All athletes and parents involved in 3F Wrestling Programs are going to be held to a high standard of behavior both during practice as well as during events and competition.


A member must at all times be a strong representative of 3F Wrestling and a positive reflection of his/her teammates. Abusive behavior, lying, or any other form of negative behavior are grounds for removal from our program. We have a ZERO tolerance policy on comments about other teams and their programs. We will respect others and their teams.


Many of you communicate with others at various organizations through e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and message boards.  Please remember that anything you ever say is a direct reflection on this organization, which includes emails, social media forms such as Facebook, youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and etc.  If 3F members are sending rude or inappropriate messages they will be subject to immediate removal from our programs.


3F members are expected to treat one another with mutual respect. They should treat and talk to one another in a manner in which they want to be spoken to. We do not tolerate pettiness, gossiping or cliques; which attempt to exclude or alienate certain members. Back talk, rolling of eyes and any other disrespect for instructors or teammates is unacceptable.


Athletes should wear APPROPRIATE athletic clothing during practices and classes.  Athletes should not have buttons or zippers on their clothing and fingernails should be trimmed.  Also no jewelry should be worn at practices, which includes all earrings, belly button rings, and necklaces. This is not simply for appearance sake, but for the safety of the athletes and coaches.


After a warning, the member will sit out of practice or event until the problem is solved. A problem between a student and staff member will first be addressed between the owners and mangers. If not solved, a parent will be notified of the problem or infraction of the rules and will be expected to assist the instructor in solving the problem. We will handle any disciplinary problems privately and professionally.


Notes Regarding Practice and Classes:

Please do not bring your family pets to practice at the gym. There is to be no gum whatsoever at practices or competitions.  Also, there is no videotaping allowed during practices.


We understands that sometimes it is necessary for a younger sibling to accompany their older sibling to practice. However, parents are asked to make sure children remain quietly seated on the outer areas of the practice mats and refrain from running around the gym. There will also be no climbing on or playing with any equipment in the room. Ultimately, this is to ensure the safety of everyone in the room.


No Street Shoes Allowed on the Wrestling Mat:

It is very important for both parents and wrestlers to understand that under no circumstances are regular Street shoes allowed on the wrestling mat. If you need to step onto the mat for any reason please remove your shoes before doing so. This is because, not only are wrestling mats very expensive, but there is also a danger associated with bringing some infectious agent from outside onto the mat.



• Let the coaches do their job. Parents should not shout directions to their wrestler during practices and matches; leave that to the coaches. Many tournaments restrict coaching to certified coaches, so you may be jeopardizing your child’s chance to participate by interfering.

• Get your child to the mat on time. Parents should make sure their wrestler is at the designated mat at least four to five matches before their scheduled match begins.

• Support your child, win or lose.

• Don’t criticize officials, either to their face or behind their back. Leave it to the coaches to bring issues forward as they arise. It sets a bad example for your child and underscores the fact that the referee’s decision should be respected, regardless of how you feel about the situation.

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