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Warden and Strmiska earn All-Tournament Team Honors

Wrestlers on Team Texas National Dual team represent their state in a team wrestling tournament, which featurs the top wrestlers from all around the country. USA Wrestling National Dual tournament series is broken up in to three different age division Schoolboy/girl, Cadets, and Juniors.

3F Wrestling qualified 5 wrestlers to participate on Team Texas National Dual Teams this season. Aj Lofton qualified for the schoolboy team, Jordan Strmiska qualified for the junior team, while Noah Gochberg, Luke Sloan, and Chase Warden all qualified for the cadet dual team.

Warden and Strmiska lead both their teams with undefended records in the freestyle tournament and both only suffer one lost in the greco tournament. They were awarded Freestyle All-Tournament Honors from USA Wrestling for their efforts. AJ, Chase, and Jordan were just one match away from receiving All-Tournament Honors in greco tournament.

Schoolboy Duals

AJ Lofton 12 – 4

Cadet Duals

Noah Gochberg 9 - 7

Luke Sloan 8 - 8

Chase Warden 15 - 1

Junior Duals

Jordan Strmiska 15 - 1

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